The history of our nursery begins just after the end of World War II, when Alfons Hajdrowski bought a plot on the outskirts of Cracow. Using his knowledge and practical experience gained in a gardening firm near Bydgoszcz, and then running an estate near Cracow, he began with his wife Leokadia production of plants. Initially these were vegetables, later bulbous plants and perennials.  In the early sixties, deciduous and coniferous plants were introduced to production. Very soon A. Hajdrowski’s gardening firm became a renowned and recognized outlet and a meeting place for plant lovers in Cracow.
After Leokadia’s death in 1972, their son, Zygmunt, joined the firm while still engaged in his career as an engineer. The nursery quickly became his passion and he soon took over management of the firm, which he greatly modernised and extended the range of plants grown.
In 1978 Bogdan Hajdrowski, Zygmunt’s son, enrolled in the Horticulture Department of the Academy of Agriculture in Cracow. From the early eighties, Bogdan participated in running the firm introducing new methods into the nursery, such as the production of plants in containers.  
In 1980 the founder of the nursery died: the family lost not only their senior member but also a valued specialist and experienced practitioner.  
Next came the boom years in nursery production, which helped develop the firm. The number of species and cultivars, as well as the area of the nursery increased. In 2000 a decision was made to move the nursery to Mników near Cracow, where there was a considerably greater production area. The nursery is still being developed and currently occupies an area of 10 ha. The range of products includes 150 cultivars of coniferous and more than 200 cultivars of deciduous plants.
The nursery has been a member of the Polish Nursery Association since the latter was established in 1991.